Moonwort monitoring

A cold and showery day for our annual moonwort monitoring on the moors in Swaledale. The number of spikes was very much lower this year than last year, or indeed any previous year. We wondered if we were too early – a repeat visit is planned in a week or so. The spikes we did see were as far on as we normally see – though still quite small. Compare with the cocktail stick marker – or scale bear, who is 4″ high when sitting down.

Botrychium lunaria in May in the New Forest

We went back to check out the Botrychiums at Appleslade Bottom

We found about 40 plants in 4 distinct colonies. They are not much advanced from April but quite a few seem to be in “pairs”
The Ophioglossums looked much worse with almost no fertile spikes visible. There has been almost no rain since we last visited this site