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Gardening Scotland 2015

Award winning Fern Show Garden at Gardening Scotland
Award winning Fern Show Garden at Gardening Scotland. Photo: Adrian Dyer
RBGE Show Garden sponsors
RBGE Show Garden sponsors. Photo: Adrian Dyer

Students on the Gardening Design Course at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh mounted a show garden at this year’s Gardening Scotland and walked away with a prestigious Silver-Gilt Medal and Best New Show Garden Award.
Designed by one of the students, Susanna Harley, the garden takes the visitor on a cryptogrammic journey around the four gardens of RBGE, picking up themes from each one. The student team , led by Rachel Bauley, spent months in the planning and preparation of the garden. They applied for and received a £500 grant from the BPS, whose assistance was acknowledged on the stand, as well as handing out BPS promotional literature. So in effect the BPS had a de facto presence at the Show at very little cost.
The garden lost out on a Gold Medal because the plants were not in pristine condition, but this was down to the very wet and windy conditions which would have wrecked any fern display. Maybe May is too early in the year to risk a fern show garden in Scotland, reliant as it was on ferns grown to maturity in softer conditions further south. A pity as the design was excellent and really deserved a Gold.
Frank McGavigan