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Dear BPS Member

This year’s Autumn Mailing contains lots of information about the forthcoming activities of the British Pteridological Society, plus a few requests!

You can order spores and merchandise plus find details of next year’s meetings programme.

Don’t forget to tell us (via the Membership Secretary, Alison Evans) of any changes to your home address, phone number or email address, so that we can send you all our news. Subscriptions are due on 1st January each year. We very much hope that you will renew your membership, but if you decide not to, please let our membership secretary know!!

We would like to keep you informed of BPS news by email 3 or 4 times a year. We will send a reminder email about subscriptions in December to those people who do not pay by standing order. If you decide that you do not want to have email communications from us, please email to let us know

Finally, I would be happy to hear any suggestions about improving this mailing, including extra items or perhaps a different layout? I am open to any ideas to make this more useful to you – please email me on the address given below.

All best wishes for 2017 and ‘Happy Ferning’!!
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