Spore Exchange


The Spore Exchange receives a world-wide selection of fern spores from various sources and distributes them to members.

You can see the 2014 BPS Spore List or you can download the pdf.

Spores can only be sent to BPS members. Please note that requests need to arrive before 31 March. You can order them on-line. If you need more help you can find it here.

Donations of fresh spores to replenish stocks are welcome at any time, but to be included in the list, they should be with us as soon after harvesting as possible and before 30 November of the preceeding year. Those who have fresh spores to donate should read the Guidance Notes for Spore Donors or download the pdf.

We have a basic practical guide on growing ferns from spores

You can even get advice on making origami-style spore packets – small and standard size.

And if you need any more help, you can always email us.

With Thanks to Anthony Pigott