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    David Hill

    I notice with interest the recent addition of a page on fern recording, with a link to LivingRecord.net for BPS recording.

    I was interested both in the choice of recording system, and more generally how fern recording works within the BPS, for instance, are there VC/regional recorders, or does everything just default to the BSBI? Do the regional groups play a role or is it very informal? How many people submit fern records, and where do they send them?

    I think it would be useful to have something on the website to outline some of the issues, protocols and guidance for Pteridophyte recording.

    I would be interested in hearing from any fellow fern recorders on how they go about it?


    Andrew Leonard

    I have been using it to record ferns in my area, which is Hampshire. In Hampshire the VCRs are very much involved in checking the records and then (I think) transferring them to MapMate and then onto the BSBI. I am not sure that this is the case with all VCRs. However if you sign on to LivingRecord from our website you will be automatically included in the BPS Team. You can review your records and download them in csv format, so you have constant access to them, you can see all the fern records recorded by you, by the BPS Team and by everyone.
    I have put some more instructions on the website
    I would strongly advise everyone in the BPS to use this resource and, who knows, perhaps we will be able to create a new fern atlas.
    You should be able to review my records in Hampshire South VC11
    You can email me if you need more help at LivingRecord@ebps.org.uk


    Alison Evans

    Hi David
    In theory the local BPS groups should submit records to our recording officer, Fred Rumsey, for every meeting – and Fred sends the records to the BSBI as well. Members may also complete recording forms from individual trips. I think I sent you copies of our completed forms for N Wales – did I send you a blank one? I don’t know how many people send in records – Fred writes a report for the Bulletin each year that is mostly about what new records have been made – and who found the new or rare plants. I think it would be a good idea to have some basic information on recording on the website – not sure if this should go under ‘Recording’ or ‘Education’, but with my Education Officer’s hat on I would be delegating this to someone else! I have forgotten my password for LivingRecord.net and I couldn’t see a ‘Forgotten password’ button – better read the instructions. At least I’ve got on to the Forum!


    Alison Evans

    Hi again David – I’ve found my password to Living Record, and Andrew has talked me through how to use it. I like the personal spreadsheet of records that can be generated from the individual record entries, and I like the idea that the BPS recording team can work towards generating their own fern atlas. I have started recording in my area today and I’m sure that I’ll speed up on entering my records as I get used to the format.

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