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Crowdfunding to sequence the genome of Marsilea vestita2017/06/01
Eccleston Square Gardens, Pimlico, Open Day Sunday 14 May (2 - 5pm). Admission £4.00
Nursery sees fern sales up 44% as botanics trend kicks in (
Hobbyist's Guide to Identifying Platyceriums (
The XXI Cryptogamic Botany Symposium will take place on 20-24 June 2017 in Aranjuez, Spain2017/04/07
The program for the 2017 AGM 2017/03/23
A tiny town beset by invasive plant life is the subject of this vivid and beautifully filmed documentary from Ewan McNicol and Anna Sandilands (
Bob Brown, from Cotswold Garden Flowers, with his recommendations on wintergreen ferns for winter interest (
Yvonne Golding asks a question on BBC Gardeners Question Time from Hull - City of Culture 2017, Sun 29 January 20172017/02/01
Yvonne Golding asked a question on BBC Gardeners Question Time from Jodrell Bank, Sun 31 Mar 20132017/01/24
Don't forget to send your ferny entries for the Photographic Competition by 31st March 2017
The Spore Exchange is now live on the website
New BPS Merchandise in time for Christmas – a BPS baseball cap and a fine woven fern scarf - see the Merchandise page for more details.
Fern stuff from Etsy (
Fern Names and their Meanings - 2nd edition. First published by J.W. Dyce in 1988, and now fully revised and much enlarged by J.A.
Helechos amenazados de Andalucia (Consejería de Medio Ambiente. Junta de Andalucía)

New Zealand ferns by Richie Steffen (Facebook)

New Email List, Online Key, and OTS Course2016/10/10
Henstead exotic garden − our jungle off the A12 (
Ferns and Fossils – children’s pictures2016/09/21
GARDENING with ALI MARSHALL: Ferns bring real elegance to the garden (
Plant of the week: Alpine wood fern (
Two New Species and a New Subgenus of Tarsonemid Mites (Acari: Heterostigmatina: Tarsonemidae) from Ferns in Poland2016/08/28
Campbell Fern Ceramic Pendant Light by LYNGARD CERAMICS(
Scientists explore oil clean-up properties of aquatic ferns (
BPS win Silver medal at Southport Flower Show2016/08/18
Now Available from NYBG Press: Anemia (Anemiaceae) Flora Neotropica Monograph 118 by John T. Mickel2016/08/14
Pikopiko takakau (damper bread with fiddleheads) (
A Pteridologist and Her Indomitable Ferns (
Lorna Mohi-Roberts and four lost children dug cave, survived on ferns in Urewera bush ordeal
Fossil visitor attraction will be safeguarded says council (
Which ferns float your boat? (
Highfield House Open Garden, Harbledown, Canterbury2016/07/09
New 'stumpery' to open on Sizergh Castle estate (
Watsonian Patent Fern Bricks, Paul Everson, offprinted from Garden History, 38 part 2 pages 315-9 (Winter 2010)
Plant of the Month: Palapalai fern (
Lophosoria quadripinnata (silver fern) - Plants from the Woods & Forests of Chile2016/05/31

BPS stand at Chelsea wins a silver award2016/05/24
Native ferns are an easy way to add some 'green' to your drought garden (
Missing mother and daughter rescued after using ferns to spell 'help' in clearing (
New Merchandise for 20162016/05/02
Plant Society's First Newsletter (Spring 2016 Updated version)2016/04/25
The Fern That Cooled the Planet. About 50 million years ago the planet experienced extreme cooling, and all from a little fern. 2016/04/18
The stumpery will be officially opened during the National Meeting in the Lakes by Sue Olsen and Richie Steffen on Friday 8th July at 11.00 am.2016/03/30
Victorian Scrap Album: Ferns from The Himalayas (1883) 37x28cm, 22pages (ebay)2016/03/11
A Comparative Study of Lady Ferns and Japanese Painted Ferns (Chicago Botanic Garden)2016/03/02
Proposed BPS fern tour to the Azores 20172016/03/01
Plant Society's First Newsletter (Spring 2016)2016/02/21
Britain's Treasure Islands2016/02/10
Whisk ferns are harmless, leafless plants (
Ferns on your plate (
Pioneering project returns Diplazium laffanianum (Governor Laffan's Fern) to wild (
Another Green World - Linn Botanic Gardens: Encounters with a Scottish Arcadia2015/12/29
The Christmas Fern, a Cold-Weather Frond (
Death of Scots botanist Jamie Taggart 'not suspicious' (
Could bracken be the future of biofuels? (
New Zealand flag referendum gets under way (
The list has been produced by a team from Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and Bòrd na Gàidhlig2015/11/18
Maidenhair spleenwort fern on a railway bridge near Mickleton2015/11/18
The best fern varieties and where to buy them (
A mouse that eats ferns like a dinosaur2015/11/04
A set of 100-year-old giant tree ferns have been installed at Pershore College as part of its £5.8million redevelopment.2015/10/25
The treefern garden of Jorge Lorenzo, Bergondo, A Coruña, Spain2015/10/12
News about the BPS exhibit at Chelsea 20162015/10/05
Hardy Blechnum in cultivation, an article by Tim Pyner, first published in the March 2012 issue of The Plantsman2015/10/01
Woodwardia in cultivation, an article by Tim Pyner in the Plantsman2015/09/30
Victorian art found under wallpaper at Lews Castle2015/09/20
The Fern Atlas 20022015/09/02
New Zealand's new flag: final four designs announced2015/09/01
BPS win Silver Medal at Southport Flower Show2015/08/27
YouTube’s auto-generated topic channel about ferns2015/08/20
Cyathea brownii frond, outside the temperate palmhouse, Edinburgh2015/08/18
Publicity and Marketing Officer required for the BPS2015/08/12
The life and craft of William and Henry Bradbury, masters of nature printing in Britain (HUNTIA Volume 15 Number 2 2015)
Culcita macrocarpa in the Picos de Europa, Spain (Google translation from the original Spanish)2015/07/29
Treaty of ferns of America by Charles Plumier, 17052015/07/26
Brakes and hairs from a maiden: The Pteridaceae fern family diversity in Togo (
Deparia petersenii is an invasive species (
Ferns by the dozens for Oregon gardeners (
Try your hand at the Crossword (courtesy of the Pteridologist)2015/06/16
Last fern standing: Fairchild helps rescue South Florida’s disappearing plants (Miami Herald)2015/06/10
This clip is from the BBC's Coast, Series 9, Secret Paths to Hidden Treasures 2015/06/04
Botrychium pumicola found on Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Oregon (2010) 2015/06/04
Fern Show Garden at Gardening Scotland Wins Award2015/06/02
The Plant Lover's Guide to Ferns by Richie Steffen and Sue Olsen2015/05/30
Detailed program and abstracts of the Next Generation Pteridology Conference2015/05/25
Reopened Fern Gully at the Botanic Gardens has 'plenty of garden drama'2015/05/21
Botanists look to fern for clues to Southeast Alaska's past2015/04/26
Eat Fiddlehead Ferns this Spring2015/04/14
The results of the BPS annual photographic competition 20152015/04/12
The fern stamps of Guernsey2015/04/11
112th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING was held at Ness Botanical Gardens on Saturday 11th April 20152015/04/11
Cystocarpium × roskamianum is the natural hybrid between Cystopteris dickieana and Gymnocarpium robertianum2015/02/24
Verdi Dining Set from M&S 2015/02/02
Books from the library of the late Dr. Frances Jarrett, auctioned by Bonhams on 24/03/2015 2015/01/08
Something for everyone at Buçaco National Forest in central Portugal2015/01/02
FOTW is a digital herbarium that allows its members to publish photos of Ferns and Lycophytes on the site and to post comments without the approval of an Editor.2015/01/01
Ordering spores on-line2015/01/01
Ferns Eject Their Spores with Medieval-Style Catapults (Scientific American)2014/12/31
No longer available: Ferns at Cragside (ferny bit started at 00:23:20)2014/12/11
Rare Ferns: Thriving in Fumes and Grime2014/11/14
Polystichum lonchitis on Hutton Roof - a still from BBC Autumnwatch 2014 episode 4 (18:47)2014/10/31
Female ferns decide battle of the sexes (
Fern World Newsletter Issue 92014/10/20
Article by Dr Sarah Whittingham (
This website is based on fifteen years of field work on this spectacular small island and reveals an astonishing plant biodiversity of over 1300 wild flowering plant species and 150 species of ferns squeezed into a rugged 620 square kilometers.2014/10/10
This website aims to provide comprehensive lists of all species of ferns known from Thailand, Laos and Cambodia2014/10/09
Illustration by Helen Ahpornsiri 2014/10/08
Weevils tackle invasive azolla water fern on River Till (BBC News Lincolnshire)2014/10/06
A gardener has created an extraordinary home for tree ferns in London2014/09/06
Who found our ferns? wins award2014/09/06
Information about the Next Generation Pteridology Symposium2014/09/06
Ascog Hall Fernery has new owners 2014/08/26
Cyanotype photogram of Wood Horsetail from the 1853 book Cyanotypes of British and Foreign Ferns by Atkins and Dixon2014/08/16
BPS win  GOLD  at Southport Flower Show2014/08/14
A tribute by Ronnie Viane2014/08/12
News from Linn Botanic Gardens2014/08/10
Alfred Russel Wallace – Ferns collected in Borneo2014/08/05
Gloucester and Sharpness Canal ferns tackled with weevils2014/08/03
Anogramma ascensionis (section starts @ 0:07:00) from Plant Invaders, an episode from Radio 4's Plants: From Roots to Riches 2104/07/31
BPS win  GOLD  at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show...2104/07/31
Fern inspired fabric garments by ClementsRibeiro2014/07/23
Excert from BBC's Coast series (9/2) Secret paths to hidden treasures. Section starts at 0:09:002014/07/22
Ebook version of the victorian classic "Ferns and Fern Culture" by J. Birkenhead2014/07/17
Duke professor names new fern genus in honor of Lady Gaga2014/07/07
Article on Azolla (
Article from on Azolla, nitrogen-fixing ferns, aquatic alfalfa, finding the genome of this extraordinary plant
A miscellany of fern inspired artefacts from Homes & Aniques magazine2014/05/23
A species of tree fern discovered in Ecuador in 2003 has finally been proved to be distinct from its Costa Rican cousin2014/05/18
The results of the BPS annual photographic competition2014/04/12
The latest version of of the BPS on-line Newsletter2014/03/01
All the versions of of the BPS on-line Newsletter2011/12/01
Report of the formal opening of the restored victorian fernery at Benmore2009/09/08

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