2015 Meetings Programme

We are at the planning stage of the following meetings for next year. It is essential that we have some idea of numbers so that we can ensure enough hotel rooms as soon as possible. If you are interested in attending please let the organisers know. Please indicate your level of interest (Definite, Very Interested, Interested, Intrigued) by emailing the leaders below.

Guernsey Meeting Friday 27th – Monday 30th March 2015 – Only one place left!

The BPS last led a meeting in 2001 and you can read the account in the Bulletin 2001, pages 289-293. Guernsey is a beautiful and peaceful Island with its own intriguing culture. We have a chance of seeing some interesting ferns, such as Ophioglossum lusitanicum, Isoetes histrix, Anogramma leptophylla, Asplenium x sarniense, Asplenium x microdon . The meeting will be co-led by Andrew Leonard & Tim Pyner

You can see some pictures here:-

You can fly to Guernsey from many regional airports or take the ferry. We will probably hire a small bus (transit van) to take people around. The meeting will start on Friday morning and end around lunch time on Monday. You can of course extend your stay. At the moment of writing we have 2 hotels/B&Bs in mind. We anticipate a maximum number of 12 people including the two leaders.
email: mail@andrew-leonard.co.uk or t.pyner@btinternet.com

Vercor/ Verdone Gorge, SE France Meeting 11-18 July 2015

We have Jean-Luc Destombes helping with the planning and hoping to come out in the field with us. Jean-Luc is pending an operation at the moment but has already contributed substantially to the early stages of planning. Jean-Luc has worked for many years in Vercor and has a very good knowledge of the ferns.

You can visit Jean-Luc’s website

The way most people will travel is to fly to Grenoble and hire/share a car to travel to Vercor Parc National. Jean-Luc has had an interest in ferns for some time and has an informative web-site. We will stay at Vercor for 6 nights. On the 7th day we will spend the morning travelling to the Gorge of Verdone to see various Aspleniums including the celebrated Asplenium jahandiezii which is not closely related to any Asplenium in Western Europe. After a one night stay at a hotel part way back, we will make an early start the following morning for an afternoon flight back from Grenoble.

E-mail: pat.acock@btinternet.com

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