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Special Publications Non-UK Postage

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The postage charged is for airmail to the EU and surface mail to addresses outside of the EU. If you live outside of the EU and you want us to send your item by airmail then use this: £4.00 per item
Fern Names and Their Meanings (2nd edition)
by J.W. Dyce and J.A. Edgington
(2016), 59 pages
P&P £3.00
The Cultivation and Propagation of British Ferns
J. W. Dyce (1991), 41 pages.
P&P £3.00
The History of British Pteridology
edited by J. M. Camus (1991), 127 pages.
P&P £3.50
The British Pteridological Society, Abstracts and Reports, 1894-1905 (1991)
245 pages.
P&P £3.50
The BPS Minute Book CD (1891-1983)
Barry Wright (2002), 633 facsimile pages.
P&P £2.50
Polystichum Cultivars-Variation in the British Shield Fern
J W Dyce. Edited and Expanded by Martin Rickard and Robert Sykes.
Fern Atlas
Alastair Wardlaw and Andrew Leonard.
Fern Books, In English Published Before 1900
Nigel Hall and Martin Rickard.
P&P £4.50
The Occasional Paper of the British Pteridological Society 1875
P&P £2.50
British Fern Gazette, Volumes 1-9 on CD
This CD contains volume 1-9 of the British Fern Gazette along with a listing of British ferns by E.J. Lowe
P&P £2.50
Who found our ferns?
John Edgington (2013), 216 pages
P&P £8.00
Some Taxa within the Dryopteris affinis complex - a Field Guide
Ken Trewren (2014), 54 pages
P&P £4.50

The Jones Nature Prints - Nature printing and the Victorian fern cult
Michael Hayward (2015), Book and CD
P&P £5.50

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