4 thoughts on “15 month old Blechnum”

  1. This is still quite an immature plant but I think that it is Blechnum nova-zealandiae. The pinnae will become longer and the fronds larger as it matures.

    1. I agree with Peter that it is an immature plant, but in my mature Blechnum nova-zealandiae, the pinna decrease in size as they go down the rachis towards the ground. This is a very diagnostic feature that I do not see in these pictures. I do not know what this plant is or even if it is a Blechnum

  2. Andrew left a comment on the 7.1.22 blog saying that he thought that this was Blechnum watsii. I haven’t seen this fern myself and had guessed at B nova-zealandii. Having see Andrew’s photos, I think that he is correct. The characteristics aren’t quite right because the plant is immature, but both B n-z and B watsii are very similar except that B n-z is more crinkled than watsii, which is relatively flat.

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