Making the new stumpery in Todmorden

Last month, the Britain in Bloom team in Todmorden got to work on creating a stumpery in Patmos Garden, on the main road in Todmorden. Here are a few pictures of the garden and the work going on – being filmed for TV!

The Earby Asplenium has become a colony

This warm weather seems to be suiting the Asplenium adiantum-nigrum in the middle of Earby – all the plants have grown, and the ‘babies’ seem to be well-established. The upper right plant seems to have 3 crowns.

Vitroplus launches novel fern

The variety is a crossing between a Phlebodium and a Pyrrosia fern and completely new to the market

xPhlebosia ‘Nicolas Diamond’ is the name of the new fern. The leaves are green and slightly curled at the ends. By having Pyrrosia as one of the parents, the plant is more cold and drought-tolerant. By having Phlebodium as a parent, the plant grows faster. The ‘Nicolas Diamond’ is grown for pot sizes from 12 cm

The Dutch nursery sells 26 million ferns a year and exports to 48 countries

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Southport Fernery – Big Bertha’s journey!

I thought it would be fun to follow the progress of a large Cibotium schiedei (christened ‘Big Bertha by Sandra) from RBGE to a new home in Southport Fernery.