Endemic Ferns of Chile

This list was extracted from The Endemic Plants of Chile
Entries marked with a  S  are synonyms

Acrostichum fonkii Phil.   S 
Adiantum excisum Kunze
Adiantum gertrudis Espinosa
Adiantum pearcei Phil.
Adiantum sulphureum Kaulf. var. cuneifolium Meigen   S 
Adiantum sulphureum Kaulf. var. majus Hook
Allosorus andromedaefolius auct. non (Kaulf.) Kunze   S 
Allosorus myrtifolius (Mett. ex Kuhn) Kuntze   S 
Argyrochosma chilensis (Fée & J. Remy) Windham
Arthropteris altescandens (Colla) J. Sm.
Asplenium adiantoides (L.) C. Chr. var. squamulosum C. Chr.   S 
Asplenium chondrophyllum Bertero ex Colla   S 
Asplenium consimile J.Rémy   S 
Asplenium fernandezianum Kunze   S 
Asplenium fragile C. Presl var. lomense Weath.
Asplenium lunulatum Sw. var. stellatum (Colla) C.Chr.   S 
Asplenium macrosorum Bertero ex Colla
Asplenium obliquum G. Forst. var. sphenoides (Kunze) Mett.   S 
Asplenium obliquum G.Forst. var. chondrophyllum (Bertero ex Colla) Mett.   S 
Asplenium obtusatum G. Forst. var. sphenoides (Kunze) C. Chr. ex Skottsb.
Asplenium patagonicum R.A. Rodr. & R. Guzmán
Asplenium polyodon G. Foster var. squamulosum (C. Chr.) R.A. Rodr.
Asplenium sphenoides Kunze   S 
Asplenium stellatum Colla
Athyrium fuenzalidae (Espinosa) Gunckel, comb. illeg   S 
Blechnum asperum (Klotzsch) J.W. Sturm
Blechnum blechnoides Keyserl.
Blechnum blechnoides Keyserl. var. fernandezianum Looser   S 
Blechnum corralense Espinosa
Blechnum cycadifolium (Colla) J.W. Sturm
Blechnum lanuginosum (Kunze) J.W.Sturm   S 
Blechnum leyboldtianum (Phil.) C.Chr.   S 
Blechnum lomarioides Mett., hom. illeg.   S 
Blechnum longicauda C.Chr.
Blechnum magellanicum (Desv.) Mett. var. cycadifolium (Colla) C.Chr.   S 
Blechnum mochaenum G. Kunkel var. fernandezianum (Looser) de la Sota
Blechnum paschale (C. Chr.) Christenh.
Blechnum schottii (Colla) C.Chr.
Blechnum valdiviense C.Chr.   S 
Ctenitis inaequalifolia (Colla) Ching   S 
Ctenitis inaequalifolia (Colla) Ching forma glabrior (C.Chr. & Skottsb.) G.Kunkel   S 
Ctenitis inaequalifolia (Colla) Ching var. glabrius (C. Chr. & Skottsb.) G. Kunkel   S 
Davallia berteroana Colla   S 
Davallia solida (G. Forster) Sw.
Dicksonia berteriana (Colla) Hook. var. virgata C.Chr. & Skottsb.   S 
Dicksonia berteroana (Colla) Hook.
Dicksonia elegans (Kunze) Mett.   S 
Dicksonia externa C. Chr. & Skottsb.
Dicranopteris oligocarpa (F.Phil.) Looser   S 
Dicranopteris pedalis (Kaulf.) Looser   S 
Dicranopteris pedalis (Kaulf.) Looser var. litoralis (F.Phil.) Looser   S 
Dicranopteris squamulosa (Desv.) Looser var. gunckeliana Looser   S 
Diplazium fuenzalidae Espinosa
Doodia paschalis C.Chr.   S 
Dryopteris inaequalifolia (Colla) C.Chr. forma glabrius C.Chr. & Skottsb.   S 
Dryopteris inaequalifolia (Colla) C.Chr. var. glabrior C.Chr. & Skottsb.   S 
Dryopteris inaequalifolia (Colla) C.Chr.,   S 
Dryopteris skottsbergii C.Chr.   S 
Dryopteris villosa (L.) Kuntze var. berteroana (Hook.) C.Chr.   S 
Elaphoglossum fonkii (Phil.) T.Moore
Elaphoglossum gayanum auct. non (Fée) T. Moore   S 
Elaphoglossum mathewsii auct. non (Fée) T.Moore   S 
Elaphoglossum skottsbergii Krajina
Elaphoglossum tahitense auct. non Brack.   S 
Equisetum araucanum Phil.   S 
Equisetum giganteum L. var. chilense Milde   S 
Equisetum philippi Gand.   S 
Equisetum pyramidale Goldm.
Equisetum ramosissimum Desf. var. affine Milde   S 
Equisetum ramosissimum Desf. var. scaberium Milde   S 
Equisetum scandens J. Remy   S 
Gleichenia lepidota R.A Rodr.   S 
Gleichenia litoralis (F.Phil.) C.Chr.   S 
Gleichenia oligocarpa (F. Phil.) C. Chr.   S 
Gleichenia pedalis (Kaulf.) Spreng.   S 
Gleichenia squamulosa (Desv.) T. Moore   S 
Gleichenia squamulosa (Desv.) T. Moore var. gunckeliana (Looser) Duek   S 
Goniophlebium translucens (Kunze) Fée   S 
Hymenophyllum chiloense Hook.   S 
Hymenophyllum cumingii C. Presl   S 
Hymenophyllum cuneatum Kunze f. imbricata C. Chr. & Skottsb.   S 
Hymenophyllum cuneatum Kunze var. cuneatum
Hymenophyllum cuneatum Kunze var. rariforme C. Chr. & Skottsb.
Hymenophyllum dicranotrichum (C. Presl) Hook. ex Sadeb.
Hymenophyllum polyanthos auct. non (Sw.) Sw.   S 
Hymenophyllum rugosum C. Chr. & Skottsb.
Hymenophyllum rugosum C.Chr. & Skottsb. f. lanceolatum C.Chr. & Skottsb.   S 
Hymenophyllum terminale Phil.   S 
Hymenophyllum tunbrigense auct. non (L.) Sm.   S 
Isoetes araucaniana Macluf & Hickey
Lomaria aspera Klotzsch   S 
Lomaria bella Phil.   S 
Lomaria blechnoides Desv.   S 
Lomaria cycadifolia Colla   S 
Lomaria fernandeziana Phil.   S 
Lomaria lanuginosa Kunze   S 
Lomaria leyboldtiana Phil.   S 
Lomaria schottii Colla   S 
Mecodium cuneatum (Kunze) Copel.   S 
Mecodium cuneatum (Kunze) Copel. var. rariforme (C.Chr. & Skottsb.) G.Kunkel   S 
Megalastrum glabrius (C.Chr. & Skottsb.) Sundue, Rouhan & R.C.Moran
Megalastrum inaequalifolium (Colla) A.R.Sm. & R.C.Moran
Megalastrum inaequalifolium (Colla) A.R.Sm. & R.C.Moran var. glabrius (C.Chr. & Skottsb.) R.Rodr   S 
Megalastrum masafuerae Sundue, Rouhan & R.C. Moran
Mertensia litoralis Phil.   S 
Mertensia oligocarpa Phil.   S 
Mertensia pedalis Kaulf.   S 
Mertensia squamulosa Desv.   S 
Nephrodium villosum auct. non (L.) C. Presl   S 
Nephrolepis altescandens (Colla) Baker   S 
Notholaena chilensis (Fée & J.Remy) J.W.Sturm   S 
Ophioglossum fernandezianum C.Chr.
Pellaea andromedaefolia auct. non (Kaulf.) Fée   S 
Pellaea chilensis (J. Remy) C. Chr.   S 
Pellaea chilensis Fée, nom. nud.   S 
Pellaea myrtillifolia Mett. ex Kuhn
Pleopeltis masafuerae (Phil.) de la Sota   S 
Polyphlebium exsectum (Kunze) Ebihara & Dubuisson   S 
Polyphlebium ingae (C.Chr. & Skottsb.) Ebihara & Dubuisson   S 
Polyphlebium philippianum (J.W. Sturm) Ebihara & Dubuisson   S 
Polypodium altescandens Colla   S 
Polypodium espinosae Weath.   S 
Polypodium feuillei Bertero var. ibañezii Looser   S 
Polypodium inaequalifolium Colla   S 
Polypodium intermedium Colla   S 
Polypodium intermedium Colla masafueranum Ssp. C.Chr. & Skottsb.   S 
Polypodium intermedium Colla var. basicompositum C.Chr. & Skottsb.   S 
Polypodium intermedium Colla var. fernandezianum Espinosa   S 
Polypodium intermedium var. cambricoides C.Chr. & Skottsb.   S 
Polypodium masafuerae Phil.
Polypodium procurrens Kunze   S 
Polypodium transluscens Kunze   S 
Polystichum aculeatum (L.) Schott var. brongniartianum (J. Rémy & Fée) C. Chr.   S 
Polystichum aculeatum (L.) Schott var. subintegerrimum (Hook. & Arn.) C. Chr.   S 
Polystichum berterianum (Colla) C.Chr.   S 
Polystichum brongniartianum J. Rémy,   S 
Polystichum fuentesii Espinosa
Polystichum orbiculatum auct. non (Desv.) J. Remy   S 
Polystichum subintegerrimum (Hook. & Arn.) Barrington
Polystichum tetragonum Fée
Polystichum vestitum auct. non (G. Forst.) C. Presl   S 
Pteris berteroana J. Agardh
Pteris chilensis Desv.
Pteris comans G. Forst. var. berteroana Bonap.   S 
Pteris fernandeziana Phil.   S 
Pteris tenera auct. non Kaulf.   S 
Pteris tenera Kaulf.   S 
Rumohra berteroana (Colla) R. Rodr.
Serpyllopsis caespitosa (Gaudich.) C. Chr. var. fernandeziana C. Chr. & Skottsb.
Sticherus lepidotus (R.A. Rodr.) R.A. Rodr. & Ponce
Sticherus litoralis (F.Phil.) Nakai
Sticherus oligocarpus (F.Phil.) Nakai   S 
Sticherus pedalis (Kaulf.) Ching   S 
Sticherus squamulosus (Desv.) Nakai var. glaber (T.Moore) Nakai   S 
Sticherus squamulosus (Desv.) Nakai var. gunckelianus (Looser) R. Rodr. & Ponce
Sticherus squamulosus (Desv.) Nakai var. squamulosus
Struthiopteris cycadifolia (Colla ) Ching   S 
Thyrsopteris elegans Kunze
Trichomanes dichotomum Phil.   S 
Trichomanes exsectum Kunze
Trichomanes ingae C. Chr. & Skottsb.
Trichomanes philippianum J.W. Sturm
Trichomanes spinulosum Phil.   S 
Vandenboschia exsecta (Kunze) Copel.   S 
Vandenboschia ingae (C.Chr. & Skottsb.) Copel.   S 
Vandenboschia philippiana (J.W. Sturm) Copel.   S 

Fern stamps from Nepal 2017

with thanks to Alan Godfrey

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The Whitwell Fern Garden, Kendal

Over recent months several BPS members have been helping a group of volunteers recreate the ‘Whitwell Fern Garden’ in Kendal. The Kendal Conservation Volunteers (KCV) are pleased to announce that the Whitwell Fern Garden has won a Gold Award in the 2018 Kendal In Bloom competition. The Whitwell Fern Garden is located adjacent to Serpentine Cottage, next to the entrance to Serpentine Woods on Queens Road, Kendal.

On 23 September 1891, at the inaugural meeting of the Northern British Pteridological Society, George Whitwell became a founder member and Hon Secretary. He resided at Serpentine Cottage for fifty years from 1875 to 1924 during which time he collected and cultivated ferns in his garden.(Click here to see a picture of George Whitwell, first on the left)

Whitwell was an active BPS member who developed his passion and knowledge and became a recognised authority of Lakeland ferns with several articles published in the British Fern Gazette.

Recent research into the history of Serpentine Woods revealed the Whitwell connection through his role as Superintendent of the Serpentine Walks and his passion for Lakeland ferns. Several Victorian artefacts discovered in Serpentine Woods support the assumption that Whitwell cultivated his fern garden at Serpentine Cottage.

He was a renowned fern collector but following his death in 1924 a large proportion of his fern collection was sold to the BPS Vice President Mr Alexander Cowan of Penicuik and most of the plants were moved to Scotland. Over the intervening years Whitwell’s fern garden became neglected reverting to a dense carpet of ivy, brambles and tree saplings.

In spring 2018 the Kendal Conservation Volunteers began a regeneration project to clear the area to develop a fern garden for local residents and visitors to enjoy.

The encroaching vegetation was cleared from the site, rock terrace and retaining walls were revealed and rebuilt, and beds and paths constructed using stone donated by local residents. During the renovation work the remains of a stone building, possibly Whitwell’s tool shed, were revealed. On completion of the hard landscaping a range of ferns have been planted in the garden including several varieties associated with Whitwell.

The success of the project relied on generous donations of materials and ferns from the local community and many hours of volunteer labour. The project was enhanced by the Pteridological advice and fern donations from several BPS members and from ferns donated from national fern collections at Sizergh Castle and Holehird Gardens. The garden impressed the Kendal In Bloom judges who announced a Gold Award at the recent awards ceremony.

Richard Wrigley
Kendal Conservation Volunteers
22 September 2018

Ferns at Wallington Hall

Four years ago, Beck Orton approached the BPS for spores, with the idea of creating a fern garden at the National Trust property of Wallington Hall, near Morpeth, Northumberland. BPS membership followed, and this summer we visited Beck and saw the results of those first spore sowings in the new fern borders, outside the wall of the walled garden. This is a great example of what can be achieved in a fairly short space of time when growing from spores, a credit to Beck’s hard work. More propagation is under way. There are plenty of other nice ferns around the gardens too! Here are some pictures – up to you to name the ferns.