New Forest June 2019

I reported on the annual Moonwort monitoring previously. Sadly I was unable to attend as I had hurt my back, but we rearranged the date for 4th June and myself, Steve Munyard, Ashley and Jo Basil went back to Linwood

Here is a picture of the most handsome Botrychium lunaria. I have included a picture of our counting methodology. These are bamboo barbecue skewers (from Lidl, £2.99 for 125) with red tape (Wilkinsons £1.25). This proved to be the most successful methodology and we accurately counted 33 distinct plants. We found 3 or 4 colonies of Ophioglossum (possibly azoricum)

In the afternoon we decided to see if we could find some marsh fern, Thelypteris palustris sites that had been given to Ashley by Mike Rowe
We started at the well known but small site at Holmsley and then moved on to a site we had recently refound at Dibden Bottom. This latter site has a colony about 20 x 100 metres and was looking very good. Bouyed up with enthusiasm we moved on to Longdown Inclosure and found and equally impressive patch. Our last site of the day was Mately Bog, which is a different habitat from the previous 3 sites. We began to doubt the site but as we walked through it we found bigger and bigger colonies

This was a thoroughly rewarding day and we would like to extend our thanks to Mike Rowe for informing us of these wonderful Marsh fern sites