Working day at Broadbottom Fernery

Two of us met Sue Roberts, Greenspace Officer for Tameside Council, at Lymefield Garden Centre, Broadbottom, 33/996935, for a working day with the volunteers. An enormous amount of work has gone on at the fernery since our visit last September. The area beyond the first part of the fernery has been cleared and landscaped, creating many new planting areas. A new retaining wall on the river side of the plot already looks like it has been there for years, and has some small wall ferns in it. After a tour of the site and some discussion as to what ferns would do well in each section, Henry and Alison got to work planting – the easy part really! We were delighted to see John and Anne Grue, who came for a tour of the fernery and a chat with the volunteers, before joining us in the garden centre café for lunch. After lunch, we planted the remaining ferns, but there are still plenty of spaces to fill. If you have any spare healthy hardy ferns that you could donate to the fernery, please let Mike Canaway know on

Tree Ferns new Home!

The tree  ferns taking shelter in the learning centre have finally been released into the garden at Harlow Carr! You can find them in the Scented garden which will one day become a exotic garden. The moving of these magic beasts took a few staff  members with a lot of cooperation and some muscle! We hope they settle into their home really well!

moving the fern outside
Travel to site by trailer
Placing the ferns
Planting the ferns
Their new home!