mrs c r orton


Hi – I grew this from spores sent from the BPS, but have managed to losse the label! I have it in agently heated conservatory at the moment, but if I knew what it was I would be able to give it more exactly what it needs! Thanks very much indeed, best wishes, Beck

Carved fern identity…

I recently received an enquiry from Max Donnelly, Curator of Nineteenth-Century Furniture at the Victoria and Albert Museum. He was asking about the possible identity of ferns which form part the carved decoration of an oak bookcase in the collection. The bookcase was made in 1862-3 and is richly carved with plants in the Ruskinian Gothic style, including ferns.


(C) V&A

I asked Max for some detailed photographs, which he kindly provided and I’ve added below.

I know what I think they are, but I wondered if others had suggestions?