A fern up a cliff

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Hello this fern is growing out of a sandstone cliff down a sheltered alley in Hastings. No direct sunlight. Photo taken from fire escape, I couldn’t Get closer than this would need very long ladder or scaffolding. I can’t find anything similar in identification pictures. The fronds are about 3 feet long.

Snow and the Ferns at Harlow Carr

There have  been a few ferns that have stuck out at Harlow Carr recently amidst all the snow and freezing temperatures we have had. And even one that gives a more exotic feel in cold days, that being the Blechnum chilense! Also Woodwardia fimbriata has remained a great wintergreen addition in areas without much above ground.  These have both been great tough and beautiful ferns so far along the streamside this winter!


Blechnum in the Snow
Dense foliage of Blechnum in freezing temperatures
Woodwardia in the snow