Beautiful ferns

Some of my ferns seem to be enjoying the strange weather we have been having in Portsmouth
A very cold but sunny April was followed by a very rainy summer
These ferns have all survived one winter with me and are growing in a gravel bed


Blechnum longicauda

In July 2017, I went on the BPS trip to northern Ireland in the company of Tim Pyner, Alison Evans and Martin Rickard
Martin kindly took us to Mount Stewart, where he had helped in chosing some very beautiful and exotic ferns and introduced us to some of the staff
We were allowed to take some “bulbils” of Blechnum longicauda
I planted mine in my polythene tunnel and it has produced one “baby” from a bulbil with perhaps another two on the way
This year, for the first time, it produced a fertile spike, which I have attempted to photograph

Adiantum capillus-veneris in Buriton August 2021

Adiantum capillus-veneris seems to be thriving on the Railway Bridge at Buriton
I counted at least 14 independant plants and it seems to be spreading to new areas of the wall
It maybe the repairs to the bridge have slowed down the rate that the water percolates down the wall or it maybe the high rainfall we have been having

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