Mystery Fern Creeping Well

 I had to share my joy at finding what I thought was the Sphenomeris chinensis  that I put in the Harlow Carr woodland creeping rather well that were given to me to trial!  However it has come to my attention that it may be something else all together, so now I have a bit of a mystery at the moment. It has been identified as Araiostegia perdurans, so some closer investigation will have to take place. This is great in one way because it’s a whole other new fern for me! I put them in as an experiment very close to some logs to see if they would creep over them, and they have! They also survived one winter, fingers crossed they survive another one. They add a great lacey texture to the surrounding plants as well.

What’s this pest.


A pest, rather than fern identification. Tiny black mites are flourishing on the fronds of a fern wall I created earlier this year. Asplenium scolopendriums are the most heavily affected but they are also present on Pteris species. The leaves feel weak and a bit dried out. The bugs look smaller and legless compared to a black aphid.
Need I worry or will they disappear with the colder temperatures. The wall is pretty sheltered and next to the house so may never get frosted.
What’s the best treatment, if needed.