Parablechnum novae-zelandiae v P. wattsii

There is some confusion about Parablechnum novae-zelandiae and Parablechnum wattsii but in fact they are easy to distinguish

Parablechnum novae-zelandiae lowest pinna are very small and almost circular whereas Parablechnum wattsii lowest pinna are only slightly smaller than the next set of pinna
There are other differences but they require the observer to be able to compare the fronds
Parablechnum wattsii has a tougher more leathery fronds which are deep green and fairly flat, one-dimensional
Parablechnum novae-zelandiae has less tough fronds which are a lighter green and a bit undulating
Both these plants are dimorphic and here I am describing the infertile fronds
Both these plants used to be called Blechnums