Costa Rica Fern 2

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My dementia meant that I was gettig in a bit o a mddle so I do not know if either of my first mailing attempts got through.

My wife and I recently had the privilege of visiting Sri Lanka a country which we have wanted to get to for many years and indeed this trip was originally booked for 2020. In the meantime I have been diagnosed with early stage Vascular Dementia / Vascular Parkinsonism. When I was 21 I set myself a target to photograph 25,000 species of identified living organisms in my lifetime. I am up to 23,600 but I am now 73 and hope that I can still achieve my objective. (The total includes 461 species of Pteridophytes).
I only managed to photograph three fern species in Costa Rica. (Most of the ferns that I saw were not fertile or only had very immature sori)

I would be very grateful if anyone might possibly be able to suggest a species identification of these three species. (I have been a member of BPS for many years).

Many thanks
Alan Outen
3. ? Elaphoglossum eximium Arenal Hanging Bridges, Arenal National Park,, Costa Rica, 21.05.22