Botrychium and Ophioglossum in the New Forest June 2024

At the beginning of May, we had a joint South-East and Wessex meeting to monitor the Botrychiums and Ophioglossums in the New Forest
We found the usual number of plants but they were not well developed
Ashley Basil and Andrew Leonard went back to Linwood on the 4th June 2024 to see if they had got bigger or disappeared completely
Where they grow at Linwood is in a field of bracken. The bracken had hardly broken through the ground so the plants were easy to find in May
By June the bracken is at least a foot high and quite bushy, the plants are harder to find
However we do have Ashley’s good eyesight and memory and my sat nav records on my iPhone
Between us we found a variety of plants in terms of size

These pictures are from the largest Botrychiums we found

These pictures are some of the largest Ophioglossum azoricum that we found

We then went to Beaulieu Heath Airfield where we lucky to find one more Botrychium lunaria and a healthy colony of Ophioglossum vulgatum and some more O. azoricum

Botrychium lunaria cannot be confused with any other plant but the Ophioglossums are more difficult

This is a link to a map of plants that we have found at Linwood over the last 10 years. I have recorded the locations of these plants using an app called Gaia GPS on my iPhone. I do not record every plant we find and some years I am more enthusiastic about recording then other years. However it does give a kind of record of where the majority of the plants can be found
The 4 records at the right of the map are all Ophioglossums. The rest of the markers show equally Ophioglossums and Botrychiums
Although we cannot not be definitive about this, we think that all the Ophioglossums we see here are Ophioglossum azoricum