A fern species from Sinharaja, Sri Lanka

fern sp 1d-2.jpg Fern sp1e-0.jpg fern sp 1f-1.jpg

I thnk my previous attempt at this posting failed.  I have been a member of BPS for many years. I recently had the privilege and pleasure of visiting Sri Lanka where I was very impressed by the great diversity of ferns and related species. Although there is a checklist available on line I have no literature on the fern flora. I have managed to identify a few species but have others for which I would be very grateful for help in identification if at all possible. This species was photographed in the Sinharaja Reserve, Sri Lanka on 25th February 2019. Many thanks Alan Outen

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3 thoughts on “A fern species from Sinharaja, Sri Lanka”

  1. I think that this is Cyathea walkerae. I saw this last year on the Knuckles ranges. It is a native fern and widespread in the island. I may have some growing from spores, though they look awfully like Macrothelypteris torresiana, which gets everywhere.

  2. Many thanks Peter for this and all your help. I had not realised that Cyathea species will produce spores when still so young, but that probably just reflects my ignorance!

  3. Yes, Peter is correct. It is Cyathea walkerae which is endemic to Sri Lanka. I also have seen some individual which produce spores in very young stage. I did my PhD on diversity and ecology of Sri Lankan Tree ferns.

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