A fern up a cliff

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Hello this fern is growing out of a sandstone cliff down a sheltered alley in Hastings. No direct sunlight. Photo taken from fire escape, I couldn’t Get closer than this would need very long ladder or scaffolding. I can’t find anything similar in identification pictures. The fronds are about 3 feet long.

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5 thoughts on “A fern up a cliff”

  1. Yes – it’s a Cyrtomium. The glossiness would indeed suggest falcatum although it has quite a large number of pinnae. If a specimen could be got then i’d Be very interested to see it!

  2. I agree with Andrew. It looks like Cyrtomium falcatum, especially as it appears to be shiny, unlike C fortunei. We saw it as a wall fern on a walk with John Edgington in London, and I saw it in a similar situation in a basement in Battersea. So a sandstone cliff would suit it well and protect it, hence the huge fronds.

  3. The glossy fronds suggest Cyrtomium falcatum. Can we find out from the taker of the image where it is in Hastings and I will go and have a look with binoculars and see if there are any fallen fronds nearby.

  4. Stephen Munyard has sent me these pictures of 2 fronds that were collected by workmen at the site

    Fronds viewed from the top

    Detail of fronds viewed from the top

    Fronds viewed from underside showing sporangia

    Detail of sporangia

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