A Puzzling Fern

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Hello Ferners, The fern pictured below I bought as Dryopteris wallichiana, but it certainly does not look like the rest of wallichianas I am growing. In many ways it is very similar .
But it has much fewer scales, a smaller size( same growing conditions and age), deeper venation and is less upright, but only slightly so. Asked a few fern experts here,( Seattle,WA , USA) and they were puzzled. I thought maybe D. yigongensis, though it is very rare in the trade here. Any way I am hoping you will be able to shed some light on this mystery.

Thanks for looking,

Daniel Mount

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4 thoughts on “A Puzzling Fern”

  1. These are the thoughts of Chris Fraser-Jenkins:
    Well indeed that is a very distinctive beast! Very weird – though I hope it might get rather more scales at least on the lowest quarter of the stipe.
    The only species I can recall that looks like this is the New Guinean Dryopteris parissiae. It looks like this, with the very stiff, convex pinnules and the few, narrower scales, which are much more easily deciduous. I haven’t compared a photo, but I think it is that – was formerly thought to be D. wallichiana in PNG, and is a triploid from there. Very interesting beast!
    and from me…does this make any sense to you? Could this plant originate from PNG?

    1. Andrew, Fraser-Jenkins thinks this fern is Dryopteris wallichiana subsp. pachyphylla. Richie Stefan thinks in might be subsp. coriacea. I guess it is more complicated than I thought. Have lots of sporlings of this great garden fern whatever it is.

  2. Sorry I was having internet/ email Issues and lost emails about that time. I may not have received your email. I’m not sure what more I can tell you about it. I can send a picture of the infusion/ sporangia. The placement seems very distinctive.
    I don’t have a key for all the temperate ferns. Though I have steadied botany and can use a key.
    Apologies Andrew for remembering you as Alexander.

  3. Yes, send us a good picture of the sporangia
    Where did you buy this fern from and can you ask them what they know about it?

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