A Regal fern Shadow

Another experiment at Harlow Carr this year is placing more ferns right in the flood zone in our new streamside bed.  After seeing what has survived our wet winter with the flooding that took place in parts, I’m going back in to other areas to see how much further I can push a fern! This time I am putting one right on its own island next to a rock edge that I built up with stone. During dryer months it wont see much water but could be potentially submerged in storms for good parts of the winter. I am trying this with a  Osmunda regalis ‘Purpurascens’. Already its mature, so I’m hoping this helps.  Its my hope that these plantings at the waters edge will green up and soften the stone. In addition the idea is to also see if it aids in slowing the storm water down a bit as the sediment builds up around them creating more space to grow into. Though if this specimen does take to its new home, I will have to keep it to a smaller size as they

Osmunda regalis ‘Purpurascens’ Shadow

can grow to a respectable size.

But to my surprise what I didn’t take into account is the awesome shadow that takes place on the stone behind it. I do hope others will be able to see this from afar! This majestic fern has always been one to watch through the seasons at all its stages of growth.


Osmunda regalis ‘Purpurascens’ by waters edge
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2 thoughts on “A Regal fern Shadow”

  1. This sounds great, Aimee. I’ve been wondering how you are getting along at Harlow Carr with all the wild weather and now the isolation. Looks like great work!

    1. Thanks Bridget! Good to hear from you! We’re doing ok at HC, just trying to keep the garden maintained and watered at the moment. We’re carrying on when we can with a few projects. But we’re on very limited staff and working in alternate weeks on separate teams and isolating each other from each other. Thank goodness for the rain today! I hope your doing ok and and are able to get outside a bit during the isolation.

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