A Small Fern Roof

This made me smile, so I wanted to share it! At Harlow Carr we recently installed a couple water fountains for visitors to use. And the creative gentleman responsible for the building, Aidan Pound our Building services manager, had a wonderful idea to make it more garden friendly! He proposed giving it a fern roof! The area this one is located in is shady and damp so its the perfect habitat.  Normally he builds structures with living roofs in sunny areas with bug hotels attached. When he asked for some small ferns I knew right where to go! At this time of the year before Autumn makes all the foliage disappear I weed out all the self sown ferns in the Dryopteris collection and find them new homes! So for this one I gave him some young Aspleniums, Dryopteris and Athyriums with some accompanying Asarum europaeum and Primula veris for contrast.

Its been a great way to help catch water and create a wildlife habitat, as well as inspiring me all the fun ways you can use ferns. It really does make me smile when I see it.


Water Fountain with Green Fern Roof
Bug homes on the side of the fern green roof
The top of the water fountain green roof planted with ferns.


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2 thoughts on “A Small Fern Roof”

  1. Enchanting. I plan to make a green roof over the tiny kitchen addition in the townhouse we’re buying. Part of it is in shade though and I love ferns. Glad to see one using them.

    1. Sounds lovely Leta! A roof with ferns as a part of your home sounds magic! It’s fun to see them grow on, good luck!

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