Aaron Angell

You may be interested to know about a forthcoming exhibition at GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art) Glasgow. It features a splendid example of a Wardian case from the Natural History collection:

Aaron Angell
Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)
Gallery One
December 8 2017 – March 18 2018

Aaron Angell (b. 1987, Kent) presents a series of new works including ceramic sculpture, inflatables, painting, Victorian furniture and plant life to create an anachronistic interior, which mines various points in history and unusual hobbyist cultures to develop a large scale, immersive exhibition.

At the centre of the exhibition is Glasgow Museums’ Wardian Case, this Victorian fern case will be displayed for the first time in over a quarter of a century. It was conserved especially for the exhibition and is to be fully planted with a range of ferns and mosses in a style reminiscent of its original display in the mid-nineteenth century. One of the very few surviving, original Wardian Cases, the piece was built a stone’s throw from GoMA and dates from around 1860. It is without doubt one of the finest ever made.

Aaron Angell says: “The centrepiece of this show is approximately the most Victorian object ever manufactured. It has it all. Fetishisation of the most stolid aspects of the classical world, the bondage of wildness and growth, even the concealed sexual organs of the ferns and mosses themselves. It is also, almost by mistake, a prototype for the radical biotopic architecture of the mid-20th century.

“As an exhibition space without any proper walls, I was interested in contrasting the case with a treatment of the hall at GoMA as a basic exercise in open plan interior design. The cliché of the loft, the archipelago of stations, objects, and pools of light. This is much more a house for a couple than an exhibition of my work.”

For more information visit www.glasgowmuseums.com (but not before next week)

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