Another fern species from Sinharaja, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka fern sp 3f-2.jpg Sri Lanka fern sp 3e-1.jpg Sri Lanka fern sp 3c-0.jpg

As indicated in my previous mailing I have been a member of BPS for many years. I recently had the privilege and pleasure of visiting Sri Lanka where I was very impressed by the great diversity of ferns and related  species. Although there is a checklist available on line I have no literature on the fern flora. I have managed to identify a few species but have others for which I would be very grateful for help in identification if at all possible. This species was photographed in the Sinharaja Reserve, Sri Lanka on 25th February 2019.

Many thanks

Alan Outen

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2 thoughts on “Another fern species from Sinharaja, Sri Lanka”

  1. The odds are that this is Blechnum orientale. It can be quite variable depending on light levels etc. A diagnostic help is that large fronds should have auricles on the stipe below the pinnae, though we can’t see into the centre of this fern sufficiently to confirm that. However, the colour of the young fronds and the size makes B orrientale most likely.

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