Asplenium sagittatum in Hampshire 2020

About a year ago I found some Asplenium scolopendriums growing in a gap between my and my neighbour’s property
One closer inspection, I thought one looked a bit like Asplenium sagittatum
I have been monitoring these ferns and I can now report that I am sure that one plant is indeed, Asplenium sagittatum
I have been watering it and you can see the water stains on the leaves
I would regard this fern as hardy in the UK but needs deep shade, probably no direct sunlight at all

I think now I have only one plant, the others are mostly Asplenium scolopendrium with one Asplenium adiantum-nigrum and one Cyrtomium falcatum

This distribution map shows the mostly western Mediterranean costal distribution of Asplenium sagittatum
Courtesy of
Here is a nice illustration apparently sourced from Cagliari, Sardinia

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