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Irish Fern ID Please

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Please can you help me identify this fern.
Given as a present from County Cavan in Ireland.
It is growing now in chalky soil in Hampshire. Still green in January.
The fronds are scally, up to 60cm long and quite hardy, though the pinnae are quite fine & delicate. No sign of any sori on the back.
thanks – Philip

fern died in my care before I could identify it

plant-3.jpg frontunderside-2.jpg tinyfrond2-1.jpg fronttop-0.jpg

Hello. I sometimes grow fern from spores as a hobby. A friend once sent me spores from the US East Coast, out of which grew Christmas Fern, but in one of those pots also grew another fern I couldn’t identify. When a friend tried to separate them, the unidentified fern died, so I only have a couple photos. I’d really like to know what fern that was, so if, despite the lacking source material, somebody could give me any hints here, I’d be very glad. I got more photos of the likes as those that I uploaded but also in higher resolution. I assume that this fern either came with the Christmas Fern spores, or it’s here locally from central Europe and found its way into the pot by chance.
Thank you for your time.

Can you identify this please?

L_IMG_0906-1.jpg L_IMG_0909-0.jpg

Can you ID this fern please? I got it many years ago from Des Martin in Leicester but he doesn’t seem to have a web site so I can’t contact him to ask. Al I can remember is that it is a coniferous fern – but can’t make any sense out of that . I want to move it to a better spot so that its beautiful spiralling structure is more visible.

The first pic ending on 0909.jpg is the back of the leaf. The other 0906.jpg is of the plant from the front. I rotated & reduced the size of the pics to fit your format.
Really appreciate any help I can get, thank you.
All the best, Laura

What’s this pest.


A pest, rather than fern identification. Tiny black mites are flourishing on the fronds of a fern wall I created earlier this year. Asplenium scolopendriums are the most heavily affected but they are also present on Pteris species. The leaves feel weak and a bit dried out. The bugs look smaller and legless compared to a black aphid.
Need I worry or will they disappear with the colder temperatures. The wall is pretty sheltered and next to the house so may never get frosted.
What’s the best treatment, if needed.

Unifentifed Fern Marshfield, Wilsthire

Ringswell-Unidentified-Fern-base-NdeB-Sept-2021-100_4898-pixels-reduced-2.jpg Ringswell-Unidentified-FernNdeB-Sept-2021-100-4897-pixels-reduced-1.jpg Ringswell-Unidentified-Fern-Sept-2021-NdeB-100_4896-pixelsreduced-0.jpg

Hi – could you identify the fern shown in the three attached images. I saw it yesterday, growing amongst Hart’s Tongues and light bramble in a shaded area of a young woodland (mostly Hawthorn) on sloping ground in fairly deep (450mm at least), moist (not wet) soil – Fuller’s Earth type geology with limestone underlying. The Fern was about 250 – 300mm tall. The area is not readily accessible to the public.