Botrychium lunaria in May in the New Forest 2022

Ashley & Jo Basil, Steve & Karen Munyard and myself, went to check out the Botrychiums at Appleslade Bottom
It seems as though the New Forest hs been suffering a bit of a drought this year and the bracken was only just breaking through the ground
This made it easier to see both the Botrychiums (B) and Ophioglossums (O), the latter were very small with very few fertile spikes
We count each B plant as one but O plants we count as colonies of many palnts

In past years we had found most plants in area #1 (B and O) and less plants at area #2 (B)
This year we found about 40 B in area #1 and #2 and about 11 O colonies in area #1
We also found arounf 10 B at area #3 which was new to us
At the end of our ferning we met by chance with Alison Bolton who gave us a new location (area #4) for O, where we found a large colony and also about 4 B

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