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mrs c r orton


Hi – I grew this from spores sent from the BPS, but have managed to losse the label! I have it in agently heated conservatory at the moment, but if I knew what it was I would be able to give it more exactly what it needs! Thanks very much indeed, best wishes, Beck

Portuguese fern #1

Pguese-No1-1-1.jpg Pguese-No1-3-2.jpg Pguese-No1-4-0.jpg

Can I seek your help with the identification of two ferns frown from spore collected in deciduous woodland in the Serra da  Lousã hills of central Portugal in 2017?

Both  are growing well but have not yet produced spores.

Fern no. 1 looks very like Nephroleptis exaltata. I have found a paper from 2000 reporting it as naturalised in urban gardens in Porto. It is possible that I collected the spores there: I regret I was not at all organised in my collection! Fern no. 2 was definately collected from Serra da Lousã woods.

I attach images of fern no. 1 to this post.The largest fronds are currently c. 35cm. Note that in the image of the whole plant there is what I think is a stolon, spilling out of the front of the pot.

I will upload images of the 2nd fern in a subsequent post.

Portuguese fern # 2

Pguese-No2-4-3.jpg Pguese-No2-2-1.jpg Pguese-No2-3-2.jpg Pguese-No2-0.jpg

I attach images of the 2nd ern grown from spore collected in the Serra da Lousa hills in October 2017. Current frond length is c. 15cm.

It’s most notable (to me) features are the long terminal pinna, rather like that of Asplenium x ebenoides, fine toothing and parallel veins, one per tooth.

Hidcote Fern

fern7a-3.jpg fern5a-1.jpg fern6a-2.jpg fern4a-0.jpg

Hi, I’m a gardener at Hidcote manor gardens and have been trying to identify this fern without success. It is growing in a shady corner at the base of some Rhododendrons though the soil is unlikely to be particularly acidic anymore. If anyone out there knows its name it would be most helpful, many thanks, Jo.

Wild-spored rockery ferns

Fern-No.4-002-0.jpg Fern-No.4-001-1.jpg Fern-No.4-003-2.jpg

Dear Andrew, Alison,

Can you help me identify some young ferns that have appeared on a tufa rockery in my London garden. The tufa is in full shade, moist & moss covered.

To give you a sense of scale I’ve potted them up into 9cm pots. The largest (Fern no.4 is in a 1 litre pot. So far, it is only no. 4 that has developed indusia.

I upload images of fern 4 with this post

A Lycopodium species from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Lycopodium 1b-1.jpg Sri Lanka Lycopodium 1a-0.jpg

As indicated in my previous mailing I have been a member of BPS for many years. I recently had the privilege and pleasure of visiting Sri Lanka where I was very impressed by the great diversity of ferns and related  species. Although there is a checklist available on line I have no literature on the fern flora. I have managed to identify a few species but have others for which I would be very grateful for help in identification if at all possible. This Lycopodium species, with pendulous habit, trailing down a bank, was photographed in the Sinharaja Reserve, Sri Lanka on 25th February 2019. I would be very grateful if anyone might possibly be able to suggest a species identification

Many thanks

Alan Outen