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small triangular fern

Photo-2-1-low-res-1.jpg Photo-1-2-low-res-0.jpg

found this small fern at the headwall of a upland flush at about 500m in highland Perthshire. Tried keys and flicking through photos and cant figure it out as its not divided enough to fit with anything I found likely. See photos of upper and underside attached. Apologies if its an obvious one, but just couldnt make it fit.

An unidenfied leathery fern

DSC05518_dl-2.jpg DSC05534_dl-1.jpg DSC05562_dl-0.jpg

This fern is growing quickly and very beautiful, so I’d like to repot it and learn if/how it can be divided. There is no sign of any sori on the underside, there is no variation between the two sides.

It was about to be thrown out at a display, and they could not tell me what type of fern it is. I’ve found many similar ferns so I can’t do an ID.

Dryopteris – or not?


I bought this young fern last week at Edulis Rare Plants near Pangbourne in Berkshire. It was frowing with a begonia and an Athyrium filix-femina, and the proprietor kindly separated it and potted it up for me. But is it a Dryopteris? The thick, convex pinnae and the lack of scales on the stipes make me wonder if it is a different genus. Any opinions?