Cyrtomium fortunei sensu lato

This is what I originally wrote for this blog:

I found several plants of a Cyrtomium which I believe is C. caryotideum
There were as many as 10 plants , some small and one quite large
They were by the side of the public footpath on a bank together with Asplenium scolopendrium and Polystichum setiferum
This path is right on the Hampshire/Sussex border in Markwells Wood, near Finchdean

Then I asked Dr Fred Rumsey for his opinion and he thought it was Cyrtomium fortunei sensu lato (see comments)
It did not look like the Cyrtomium fortunei on my allotment but it does look quite a bit like Cyrtomium fortunei ‘Clivicola’

I am still quite pleased with myself as I think this is the first time I have found an “alien” fern in the countryside
We have had a relatively hard winter and this fern seemd to be doing better than the ferns in my garden

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2 thoughts on “Cyrtomium fortunei sensu lato”

  1. This isn’t C. Caryotideum which would have rather spiny teeth around the pinnule margins and more distinctly bi-auriculate pinnae. It is a fortunei s.Lato.

  2. Well, I did ask your opinion, so I have to bow to your superior knowledge. However I went out to look at my C. fortunei in my garden but I could not find it. I remember it was a darker green and thinner fronds and much more upright habit. I think it is also not very hardy
    Could it be Cyrtomium fortunei var. clivicola

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