dimorphic fern, California plant nursery

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A curious dimorphic fern I bought at a plant store in San Francisco, with no information available from the grower. Scans of both the low and high leaf forms attached, front and back, with one enlargement apparently showing sori. The sample of the tall form is approx. 7″.

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3 thoughts on “dimorphic fern, California plant nursery”

    1. Yes! Thank you very much. I didn’t also post a photo of the living fern, but every photo I’ve found matches. Common name “antenna fern”. I might have mentioned that only the tall leaf type unfurls in the classical crozier form … the low leaves unroll, sort of, but are scarcely fernlike at all. Unsure of origin; I only see “tropical” listed in descriptions.

  1. Watch out for blackfly which can infest the underside of the fronds badly. Culture from spores or from bulbils at the centre of the frond where the stipe enters. Peter

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