Dryopteris affinis?

Fern sporangia-3.jpg Fern frond sporangia-2.jpg Fern frond front pinnules-1.jpg Fern frond front and back-0.jpg

Hi there, I’ve had this fern growing in my garden for a couple of years, and wondered what it was – I’ve got as far as Dryopteris, and it’s been suggested it might be affinis. I didn’t plant it, and it’s in quite a restricted situation, but seems quite happy there. I’m just south of York.

Thank you

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2 thoughts on “Dryopteris affinis?”

  1. Hello Jane
    This does look like one of the Dryopteris affinis group, and it could be D cambrensis as Andrew suggests, particularly as it is dying back already. If it isn’t that I think it could be D affinis subsp. affinis though I would expect that to be still green. The teeth on the pinnules look to be obtuse, and the veins fairly prominent and reaching the edge of the pinnule. It’s often hard to tell these apart even with the plant in front of you, so it’s difficult to be sure from photos. You could send me a fresh frond next summer when the spores are ripe. Email me on membership@ebps.org.uk if you would like to do that. Best wishes, Alison

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