Dryopteris x picoensis

As autumn draws on and the ferns on my allotment start to fade and fall over, I noticed the trunk on my Dryopteris x picoensis. It is now 12 inches and looks like a small tree fern. I was given this plant by Wilfried Bennert many years ago, maybe 20 years. It produces small plants on the trunk, every now and then and I now have over 10 plants in Portsmouth and in my garden in Waterlooville. The plants on the allotment seemed not to be affected by the hot and dry summer but several of the plants in Waterlooville lost all their fronds. They have recovered somewhat since the weather has returned to the more normal British rainfall

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One thought on “Dryopteris x picoensis”

  1. Hello,
    It was great to find this post on the internet. Thank you so much. I also have a few dryopteris ferns in the garden and two of them made trunks 8 and 12 inches and look like little tree ferns. I love them!
    Best regards,

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