BPS Presentations

Genetic relationships within the Hymenophyllaceae
Sabine Hennequin
Autumn Indoor Meeting – Hymenophyllum workshop,University of Reading – 31 October 2009

BPS Meeting to Costa Rica 2008
Alison Evans
Autumn Indoor Meeting, Trumpington, Cambridge – Ferns of South & Central America – 6 November 2010

The BPS at Shows
Yvonne Golding
BPS AGM Natural History Museum, London – 16 April 2016

The search for Asplenium hybridum
Tim Pyner/Andrew Leonard
Autumn Indoor Meeting Cambridge – November 18 2017

Hardiness and Ferns
John David
BPS AGM Natural History Museum, London – 14 April 2018

What is a Fern (Ferns01)​
Andrew Leonard

Fern Life Cycle & Reproduction (Ferns02)​
Andrew Leonard

Where to find Ferns (Ferns03)​
Andrew Leonard

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