Chlorophyllosophy by Jennifer Deegan

Deep focus photography of fern gametophytes by Jennifer Deegan Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge
Funded by grants from Biomaker 2017 and OpenPlant 2018

Below are deep focus photographs of fern gametophytes of Asplenium scolopendrium taken at 10x magnification
They can be seen at greater magnification by mousing over

These photographs were taken as part of a project that also included work to design and build the microscope that took these photographs. The project was led and mostly carried out by Jennifer Deegan, in collaboration with Tim Deegan, Richard Mortier, Matthew Couchman, Aleksandr Gavrin and Christopher Whitewoods

Future images can be found in the Chlorophyllosophy image library

Further information about alternation of generation and growing fern gametophytes is given on the Hackster site

The microscope that was designed, built and used to take these photographs is described at

Video descriptions of how to copy the microscope are given in the Chlorophyllosophy YouTube Channel

The best video to start from is the basic introduction to focus stacking

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