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Yan H, Xu W, Zhang T, Feng L, Liu R, Wang L, Wu L, Zhang H, Zhang X, Li T, Peng Z, Jin C, Yu Y, Ping J, Ma M, He Z.
Characterization of a novel arsenite long-distance transporter from arsenic hyperaccumulator fern Pteris vittata.
New Phytol. 2022 Jan 11;. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 35015902

Wei ZY, Gu YF, Xia ZQ, Chen LJ, Wang T, Zhang SZ, Zhao GH, Chen JB, Cao JG, Yan YH.
Dipterisshenzhenensis, a new endangered species of Dipteridaceae from Shenzhen, southern China.
PhytoKeys. 2021;186:111-120.
PMID: 35002359

Rodríguez-Pelayo C, Ambrose BA, Vasco A, Alzate JF, Pabón-Mora N.
Evolution and expression of LEAFY genes in ferns and lycophytes.
Evodevo. 2022 Jan 8;13(1):2.
PMID: 34998428

Wang R, Zhao G, Wang Z, Lin Z, Jiang X, Lin S, Chan H, Hong Y, Zhang Y, Su Y, Wang T.
The complete chloroplast genome of Vandenboschia striata, a common and widespread filmy fern (Hymenophyllaceae).
Mitochondrial DNA B Resour. 2022;7(1):128-129.
PMID: 34993335

Brilli F, Dani KGS, Pasqualini S, Costarelli A, Cannavò S, Paolocci F, Chini Zittelli G, Mugnai G, Baraldi R, Loreto F.
Exposure to different light intensities affects emission of volatiles and accumulations of both pigments and phenolics in Azolla filiculoides.
Physiol Plant. 2022 Jan 6;:e13619. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34988977


Wei Z, Xia Z, Shu J, Shang H, Maxwell SJ, Chen L, Zhou X, Xi W, Adjie B, Yuan Q, Cao J, Yan Y.
Phylogeny and Taxonomy on Cryptic Species of Forked Ferns of Asia.
Front Plant Sci. 2021;12:748562.
PMID: 34975938

Zhao DP, Li DL, Zhang YH, Cui Y, Xu HD, Yang B, Lei X, Zhang N.
[Total flavonoids of Drynariae Rhizoma regulates ER-p38 MAPK signaling pathway to improve scopolamine-induced learning and memory impairments in model mice].
Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi. 2021 Nov;46(22):5922-5929. Chinese.
PMID: 34951183

Kuo LY, Tang SK, Kao TT, Ebihara A, Fawcett S, Hsiao MC, Shinohara W, Dauphin B.
A dormant resource for genome size estimation in ferns: C-value inference of the Ophioglossaceae using herbarium specimen spores.
Appl Plant Sci. 2021 Nov-Dec;9(11-12):e11452.
PMID: 34938613

Yadav BL, Meghvansi MK, Meena K, Gena CB.
Discovery of a new species of Adder’s tongue fern from India with comparative analysis of morphological and molecular attributes.
Sci Rep. 2021 Dec 22;11(1):24396.
PMID: 3493786

Irfan M, Jan G, Murad W, Jan FG, Rauf A, Alsayari A, Almarhoon ZM, Mabkhot YN.
Ethnomedicinal and traditional uses of the Ferns of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.
Braz J Biol. 2021;84:e250256.
PMID: 34932624

Yang FC, Sarathchandra C, Liu JX, Huang HP, Gou JY, Li Y, Mao XY, Wen HT, Zhao J, Yang MF, Homya S, Prueksakorn K.
How fern and fern allies respond to heterogeneous habitat – a case in Yuanjiang dry-hot valley.
Commun Integr Biol. 2021;14(1):248-260.
PMID: 34925688

Suissa JS.
Fern fronds that move like pine cones: humidity-driven motion of fertile leaflets governs the timing of spore dispersal in a widespread fern species.
Ann Bot. 2021 Nov 19;. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34878516

Fernández H, Grossmann J, Gagliardini V, Feito I, Rivera A, Rodríguez L, Quintanilla LG, Quesada V, Cañal MJ, Grossniklaus U.
Sexual and Apogamous Species of Woodferns Show Different Protein and Phytohormone Profiles.
Front Plant Sci. 2021;12:718932.
PMID: 34868105

Melnikov D, Tretyakova A, Grudanov N, Baranova O, Senator S, Muldashev A, Podgaevskaya E, Zolotareva N, Erokhin N, Vorobiev A, Knyazev MS, Glazunov V, Kapitonova O, Allayarova V, Naumenko N, Efimik E, Malykh S, Merker V, Morozyuk Y, Burundukova D, Shubin D, Shilov D.
Pteridophyte distribution of the Urals and adjacent areas: a dataset.
Biodivers Data J. 2021;9:e76680.
PMID: 34866963

Wei R, Yang J, He LJ, Liu HM, Hu JY, Liang SQ, Wei XP, Zhao CF, Zhang XC.
Plastid phylogenomics provides novel insights into the infrafamilial relationship of Polypodiaceae.
Cladistics. 2021 Dec;37(6):717-727.
PMID: 34841589

Sciandrello S, Cambria S, Del Galdo GG, Tavilla G, Minissale P.
Unexpected Discovery of Thelypteris palustris (Thelypteridaceae) in Sicily (Italy): Morphological, Ecological Analysis and Habitat Characterization.
Plants (Basel). 2021 Nov 12;10(11).
PMID: 34834810

Ben-Menni Schuler S, Picazo-Aragonés J, Rumsey FJ, Romero-García AT, Suárez-Santiago VN.
Macaronesia Acts as a Museum of Genetic Diversity of Relict Ferns: The Case of Diplazium caudatum (Athyriaceae).
Plants (Basel). 2021 Nov 10;10(11).
PMID: 34834788

Huang K, Shang H, Zhou Q, Wang Y, Shen H, Yan Y.
Volatiles Induced from Hypolepis punctata (Dennstaedtiaceae) by Herbivores Attract Sclomina erinacea (Hemiptera: Reduviidae): Clear Evidence of Indirect Defense in Fern.
Insects. 2021 Oct 28;12(11).
PMID: 3482177

Shu JP, Liu ZY, Gu ZR, Chen LJ, Wei HJ, Zhou XL, Yan YH, Wang RJ.
Dryopteriswulingshanensis (Dryopteridaceae), a new species from Hunan, China.
PhytoKeys. 2021;185:17-26.
PMID: 34819778

Trujillo-Argueta S, Del Castillo RF, Tejero-Diez D, Matias-Cervantes CA, Velasco-Murguía A.
DNA barcoding ferns in an unexplored tropical montane cloud forest area of southeast Oaxaca, Mexico.
Sci Rep. 2021 Nov 24;11(1):22837.
PMID: 34819549 

Colpo A, Baldisserotto C, Pancaldi S, Sabia A, Ferroni L.
Photosystem II photoinhibition and photoprotection in a lycophyte, Selaginella martensii.
Physiol Plant. 2021 Nov 22;:e13604. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34811759

Matzen SL, Lobo GP, Fakra SC, Kakouridis A, Nico PS, Pallud CE.
Arsenic hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata shows reduced biomass in soils with high arsenic and low nutrient availability, leading to increased arsenic leaching from soil.
Sci Total Environ. 2021 Nov 19;:151803. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34808151

Medeiros-Fonseca B, Abreu-Silva AL, Medeiros R, Oliveira PA, Gil da Costa RM.
Pteridium spp. and Bovine Papillomavirus: Partners in Cancer.
Front Vet Sci. 2021;8:758720.
PMID: 34796228

Tanaka M, Koeduka T, Matsui K.
Green Leaf Volatile-Burst in Selaginella moellendorffii.
Front Plant Sci. 2021;12:731694.
PMID: 34777416

Zhang L, Rothfels CJ, Ebihara A, Schuettpelz E, Le Péchon T, Kamau P, He H, Zhou XM, Prado J, Field A, Yatskievych G, Gao XF, Zhang LB.
A global plastid phylogeny of the brake fern genus Pteris (Pteridaceae) and related genera in the Pteridoideae.
Cladistics. 2015 Aug;31(4):406-423.
PMID: 34772268

López CL, Mayta C, Naoki K, Quezada JAN, Hensen I, Gallegos SC.
Bracken fern does not diminish arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus inoculum potential in tropical deforested areas.
Mycorrhiza. 2021 Nov 8;. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34750710

Zhang D, Yang W, Liu H, Cui Y, Wang L, Liu X, Zhang G.
The complete chloroplast genome of a distinctive fern, Coniogramme intermedia Hieron. (Pteridaceae).
Mitochondrial DNA B Resour. 2021;6(12):3318-3319.
PMID: 34746400

Costarelli A, Cannavò S, Cerri M, Pellegrino RM, Reale L, Paolocci F, Pasqualini S.
Light and Temperature Shape the Phenylpropanoid Profile of Azolla filiculoides Fronds.
Front Plant Sci. 2021;12:727667.
PMID: 34745161

Fan XP, Thi Lu N, Li CX, Knapp R, He H, Zhou XM, Wan X, Zhang L, Gao XF, Zhang LB.
Phylogeny, biogeography, and character evolution in the fern family Hypodematiaceae.
Mol Phylogenet Evol. 2021 Nov 1;:107340. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34737000

Wickell D, Kuo LY, Yang HP, Dhabalia Ashok A, Irisarri I, Dadras A, de Vries S, de Vries J, Huang YM, Li Z, Barker MS, Hartwick NT, Michael TP, Li FW.
Underwater CAM photosynthesis elucidated by Isoetes genome.
Nat Commun. 2021 Nov 3;12(1):6348.
PMID: 34732722

Klaus KV, Schulz C, Bauer DS, Stützel T.
Historical biogeography of the ancient lycophyte genus Selaginella: early adaptation to xeric habitats on Pangea.
Cladistics. 2017 Oct;33(5):469-480.
PMID: 34724754

Matongera TN, Mutanga O, Sibanda M.
Characterizing bracken fern phenological cycle using time series data derived from Sentinel-2 satellite sensor.
PLoS One. 2021;16(10):e0257196.
PMID: 34710104

Rencoret J, Gutiérrez A, Marques G, Del Río JC, Tobimatsu Y, Lam PY, Pérez-Boada M, Ruiz-Dueñas FJ, Barrasa JM, Martínez AT.
New Insights on Structures Forming the Lignin-Like Fractions of Ancestral Plants.
Front Plant Sci. 2021;12:740923.
PMID: 34691117

Suissa JS, Kinosian SP, Schafran PW, Bolin JF, Carl Taylor W, Zimmer EA.
Homoploid hybrids, allopolyploids, and high ploidy levels characterize the evolutionary history of a western North American quillwort complex (Isoëtes).
Mol Phylogenet Evol. 2021 Oct 20;:107332. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34687842

Zemanová V, Pavlíková D, Hnilička F, Pavlík M.
Arsenic Toxicity-Induced Physiological and Metabolic Changes in the Shoots of Pteris cretica and Spinacia oleracea.
Plants (Basel). 2021 Sep 25;10(10).
PMID: 34685818

Yang L, Huang Y, Lima LV, Sun Z, Liu M, Wang J, Liu N, Ren H.
Corrigendum: Rethinking the Ecosystem Functions of Dicranopteris, a Widespread Genus of Ferns.
Front Plant Sci. 2021;12:770556.
PMID: 34675959

Fang T, Motte H, Parizot B, Beeckman T.
Early “Rootprints” of Plant Terrestrialization: Selaginella Root Development Sheds Light on Root Evolution in Vascular Plants.
Front Plant Sci. 2021;12:735514.
PMID: 34671375 

Durieux T, Lopez MA, Bronson AW, Tomescu AMF.
A new phylogeny of the cladoxylopsid plexus: contribution of an early cladoxylopsid from the Lower Devonian (Emsian) of Quebec.
Am J Bot. 2021 Oct 19;. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34664712

Matia-Merino L, Goh KKT, Singh H.
A natural shear-thickening water-soluble polymer from the fronds of the black tree fern, Cyathea medullaris: Influence of salt, pH and temperature.
Carbohydr Polym. 2012 Jan 4;87(1):131-138.
PMID: 34662941

Iqbal MS, Ahmad KS, Ali MA, Akbar M, Mehmood A, Nawaz F, Hussain SA, Arshad N, Munir S, Arshad H, Shahbaz K, Bussmann RW.
An ethnobotanical study of wetland flora of Head Maralla Punjab Pakistan.
PLoS One. 2021;16(10):e0258167.
PMID: 34648500

Zhang Y, Li L, Friml J.
Evaluation of Gravitropism in Non-seed Plants.
Methods Mol Biol. 2022;2368:43-51.
PMID: 34647246

Mehltreter K, Tenhaken R, Jansen S.
Nectaries in ferns: their taxonomic distribution, structure, function, and sugar composition.
Am J Bot. 2021 Oct 13;. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34643269

Al-Musawi TJ, Mengelizadeh N, Taghavi M, Mohebi S, Balarak D.
Activated carbon derived from Azolla filiculoides fern: a high-adsorption-capacity adsorbent for residual ampicillin in pharmaceutical wastewater.
Biomass Convers Biorefin. 2021 Oct 3;:1-13. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34631357

Lehtonen S, Poczai P, Sablok G, Hyvönen J, Karger DN, Flores J.
Exploring the phylogeny of the marattialean ferns.
Cladistics. 2020 Dec;36(6):569-593.
PMID: 34618987

Picard KT, Ranft H, Grusz AL, Windham MD, Schuettpelz E.
When it only takes one to tango: assessing the impact of apomixis in the fern genus Pteris.
Am J Bot. 2021 Oct 7;. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34618360

Prats KA, Brodersen CR.
Desiccation and rehydration dynamics in the epiphytic resurrection fern Pleopeltis polypodioides.
Plant Physiol. 2021 Aug 2;. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34618062

Kovtonyuk N, Han IV, Gatilova E.
Ferns at the digital herbarium of the Central Siberian Botanical Garden SB RAS.
Biodivers Data J. 2021;9:e72950.
PMID: 34616218

Pincheira-Ulbrich J, Vallejos B, Huincaguelo J, Zambrano U, Peña-Cortés F.
A 30-year update of the climbers and vascular epiphytes inventory of the Cerro Ñielol Natural Monument (La Araucanía, Chile): a database.
Biodivers Data J. 2021;9:e72521.
PMID: 34616216

Wu H, Cao Y, Wang J, Liu R, Sun Y, Zhang C, Sun Y.
Pharmacokinetic and metabolic profiling studies of Osmundacetone in rats by UPLC-MS/MS and UPLC-QE-Orbitrap-HRMS.
Biomed Chromatogr. 2021 Oct 4;:e5251. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 3460610

Kuo LY, Ebihara A, Kato M, Rouhan G, Ranker TA, Wang CN, Chiou WL.
Morphological characterization of infra-generic lineages in Deparia (Athyriaceae: Polypodiales).
Cladistics. 2018 Feb;34(1):78-92.
PMID: 34641637

Abdelatty AM, Mandouh MI, Mohamed SA, Busato S, Badr OAM, Bionaz M, Elolimy AA, Moustafa MMA, Farid OAA, Al-Mokaddem AK.
Azolla leaf meal at 5% of the diet improves growth performance, intestinal morphology and p70S6K1 activation, and affects cecal microbiota in broiler chicken.
Animal. 2021 Sep 25;15(10):100362. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34583315

Farràs A, Mitjans M, Maggi F, Caprioli G, Vinardell MP, López V.
Polypodium vulgare L. (Polypodiaceae) as a Source of Bioactive Compounds: Polyphenolic Profile, Cytotoxicity and Cytoprotective Properties in Different Cell Lines.
Front Pharmacol. 2021;12:727528.
PMID: 34603041

Du XY, Lu JM, Zhang LB, Wen J, Kuo LY, Mynssen CM, Schneider H, Li DZ.
Simultaneous diversification of Polypodiales and angiosperms in the Mesozoic.
Cladistics. 2021 Oct;37(5):518-539.
PMID: 34570931

Heo N, Yun S, Fernando DD.
The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Asplenium komarovii Akasawa, a rare fern in South Korea.
Mitochondrial DNA B Resour. 2021;6(10):3006-3008.
PMID: 34568564

Ruiz-Ruano FJ, Navarro-Domínguez B, Camacho JPM, Garrido-Ramos MA.
Transposable element landscapes illuminate past evolutionary events in the endangered fern Vandenboschia speciosa.
Genome. 2021 Sep 23;. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34555288

Oliwa J, Skoczowski A.
The high red/far-red ratio supports the acclimation of fern Platycerium bifurcatum to high light.
Biol Futur. 2019 Sep;70(3):185-197.
PMID: 34554449

Semwal P, Painuli S, Painuli KM, Antika G, Tumer TB, Thapliyal A, Setzer WN, Martorell M, Alshehri MM, Taheri Y, Daştan SD, Ayatollahi SA, Petkoska AT, Sharifi-Rad J, Cho WC.
Diplazium esculentum (Retz.) Sw.: Ethnomedicinal, Phytochemical, and Pharmacological Overview of the Himalayan Ferns.
Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2021;2021:1917890.
PMID: 34512863

Xi L, Shen Y, Zhao X, Zhou M, Mi Y, Li X, Chen H, Wei Y, Su H, Hou H.
Effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on frond antimony enrichment, morphology, and proteomics in Pteris cretica var. nervosa during antimony phytoremediation.
Sci Total Environ. 2021 Aug 26;804:149904. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34508929 

Vaganov AV.
Phylogenetic comparative morphological analysis of fern spores in subfamily Pteridoideae (Pteridaceae, Pteridophyta).
Microsc Res Tech. 2021 Aug 31;. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34467588

Dijkhuizen LW, Tabatabaei BES, Brouwer P, Rijken N, Buijs VA, Güngör E, Schluepmann H.
Far-Red Light-Induced Azolla filiculoides Symbiosis Sexual Reproduction: Responsive Transcripts of Symbiont Nostoc azollae Encode Transporters Whilst Those of the Fern Relate to the Angiosperm Floral Transition.
Front Plant Sci. 2021;12:693039.
PMID: 34456937

Plackett ARG, Emms DM, Kelly S, Hetherington AM, Langdale JA.
Conditional stomatal closure in a fern shares molecular features with flowering plant active stomatal responses.
Curr Biol. 2021 Aug 20;. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34450089

Pourang A, Dourra M, Ezekwe N, Kohli I, Hamzavi I, Lim HW.
The potential effect of Polypodium leucotomos extract on ultraviolet- and visible light-induced photoaging.
Photochem Photobiol Sci. 2021 Aug 27;. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 34449075

Hao J, Liang Y, Zhu M, Ping J, Feng P, Su Y, Wang T.
The complete chloroplast genome of Ophioglossum vulgatum L. (Ophioglossaceae) and phylogenetic analysis.
Mitochondrial DNA B Resour. 2021;6(9):2730-2731.
PMID: 34447885

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