S: Lycophytes on Shotts Bing

Shotts Bing shotts

Meet at 11am. We should find Diphasiastrum alpinum and Lycopodium clavatum, as well as Botrychium (lunaria or nordicum?) and horsetails. There are other larger ferns in the area. The site is at about 236 m, and quite exposed. If it is at all windy it will be cold, so we'll need to have plenty of … Continue reading S: Lycophytes on Shotts Bing

NW: North Cumbria

Orton Moss Carlisle

Roger Golding will lead a meeting in north Cumbria - including Orton Moss to see the royal fern, and Roger's garden in Bowness. More information will be posted later.

WS: May Hill, Gloucestershire

May Hill

Leaders: Clare and Mark Kitchen May Hill lies on the Gloucestershire/Herefordshire border and is the highest point in Gloucestershire. We hope to see amongst others Equisetum sylvaticum, Wood Horsetail and a substantial population of Gymnocarpium dryopteris, Oak Fern. Meet at 11.00am at the National Trust Car Park. SO69062216. Bring lunch to carry and have suitable … Continue reading WS: May Hill, Gloucestershire


This will be a weekend meeting either in Eskdale or Borrowdale. Exact details will be available next year

EA: Cornel Howells’ ferns and Antingham Ponds

Farmside Lyngate Road,, North Walsham

Cornel Howells’ ferns in medieval double-ditches and Antingham Ponds. Further details of all these events will be made available nearer the time. Please let Peter Blake know if you wish to attend any of the events on: peterblake1952@gmail.com

S: Kirkton Glen, Balquhidder

Kirkton Glen Balquhidder

An exploratory hill walk to mountain crags at the top of Kirkton Glen. There are old records of Polystichum lonchitis, Asplenium viride, Botrychium lunaria, Equisetum variegatum and others, some or all of which we hope to find still present. We will meet at 10.30am in Balquhidder, at Rob Roy's Grave (NN5360 2092; parking by the … Continue reading S: Kirkton Glen, Balquhidder

N: Seattle, USA

Hosted by Sue Olsen from Seattle. A chance to spend a week visiting botanical gardens, private gardens and native fern sites in the north-west of the USA. Early booking through Julian Reed is strongly advisable

WS: Dare Valley Country Park

Leaders: Brian & Sue Dockerill The Dare Valley Park was opened in 1973 as the result of the restoration of former colliery sites. Covering over 450 acres it ranges from woodland and scrub through grassland to cliffs and scree’s, the home of the less usual ferns. Altogether the botany is of such interest that Tim … Continue reading WS: Dare Valley Country Park

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