EA: Rockland St Mary – Ophioglossum

Rockland St Mary Wheaten Fen, Ted Ellis Trust,

Ophioglossum at Rockland St Mary More information will be available at a later time

EA: The King’s Forest

The King's Forest West Stow

25th June - The King’s Forest, Leader: Alan Leslie More information will be available at a later date

S: Dollar Glen

Dollar Glen 20 Castle Rd, Dollar

Meet in Dollar, and walk up ferny Dollar Glen following the Burn of Sorrow to Castle Gloom (Castle Campbell). Time permitting, we might also visit the River Devon gorge at … Continue reading S: Dollar Glen

N: South Devon

South Devon Exact dates and locations depend, on amongst other things, available car parking spaces. Please register your interest with Martin Rickard for more details. h.m.rickard@btinternet.com

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