S: Spring Zoom meeting

A chance to say Hello, without having to travel anywhere. The meeting will feature a short talk by Heather McHaffie, about the ferns at Backhouse Rossie garden in Fife. If anyone else has a fern story, or some slides, that you would like to share, please let me know. Otherwise, we will discuss plans for … Continue reading S: Spring Zoom meeting

S: Lycophytes on Shotts Bing

Bings in central Scotland are of course the spoil heaps from shale mining. Some have been maintained because botanists discovered that they have been colonized by interesting plants. At Shotts Bing, about halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, we should find Diphasiastrum alpinum and Lycopodium clavatum, as well as Botrychium (lunaria or nordicum?) and horsetails. There … Continue reading S: Lycophytes on Shotts Bing

WS: May Hill, Gloucestershire

May Hill

Leaders: Clare and Mark Kitchen May Hill lies on the Gloucestershire/Herefordshire border and is the highest point in Gloucestershire. We hope to see amongst others Equisetum sylvaticum, Wood Horsetail and a substantial population of Gymnocarpium dryopteris, Oak Fern. Meet at 11.00am at the National Trust Car Park. SO69062216. Bring lunch to carry and have suitable … Continue reading WS: May Hill, Gloucestershire

S: Mountain ferns near Tyndrum

Coire Ghamhnain, below Beinn Udlaidh, near Tyndrum, has lime-rich crags with interesting flora, including records of Woodsia, but also Cryptogramma, Asplenium viride, Dryopteris oreades, clubmosses, etc. (More details to follow.) Leader: Andy MacGregor

WS: Fibrex Nursery and the garden of Alistair and Margaret Urquhart

Fibrex Nuresery Honeybourne Road, Pebworth

Leaders: Fibrex Nursery (am.) Angela Tandy and garden visit (pm.) Alistair and Margaret Urquhart, Kidlington, Oxfordshire. Fibrex nursery needs no introduction to fern fans as the source of probably the widest range of plants available in the UK. As always, we can expect a warm and enthusiastic welcome at the nursery from Angela. Alistair and … Continue reading WS: Fibrex Nursery and the garden of Alistair and Margaret Urquhart

WS: Dare Valley Country Park.

Dare Valley Park Country Park

Leaders: Brian & Sue Dockerill The Dare Valley Park was opened in 1973 as the result of the restoration of former colliery sites. Covering over 450 acres it ranges from woodland and scrub through grassland to cliffs and scree’s, the home of the less usual ferns. Altogether the botany is of such interest that Tim … Continue reading WS: Dare Valley Country Park.

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