S: Lycophytes on Shotts Bing

Bings in central Scotland are of course the spoil heaps from shale mining. Some have been maintained because botanists discovered that they have been colonized by interesting plants. At Shotts Bing, about halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, we should find Diphasiastrum alpinum and Lycopodium clavatum, as well as Botrychium (lunaria or nordicum?) and horsetails. There … Continue reading S: Lycophytes on Shotts Bing

S: Mountain ferns near Tyndrum

Coire Ghamhnain, below Beinn Udlaidh, near Tyndrum, has lime-rich crags with interesting flora, including records of Woodsia, but also Cryptogramma, Asplenium viride, Dryopteris oreades, clubmosses, etc. (More details to follow.) Leader: Andy MacGregor

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