SE: Group meeting, Punnets Town

Village Hall Battle Road Punnets Town, Heathfield, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Steve Munyard and Peter Clare have done a lot of hard work and reconnoitring and tracing of a old meeting done many many year ago and have been able with permission to get to a chunk of these old sites Punnets Town is about three miles East of Heathfield, East Sussex, on the B2096 Village … Continue reading SE: Group meeting, Punnets Town

SE&A: Fern Festival, Riverhill Himalyan Garden

Riverhill Himalayan Gardens Riverhill, Sevenoaks

BPS SUPPORTED EVENT: Riverhill Himalyan Garden has an extensive fern garden looked after by a BPS member. There will be displays and a BPS stand with fern-related activities for adults and youngsters. Also fern sales of more common ferns. This event is organised by Riverhill Himalyan Garden. For information on this event contact: Julian Reed

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