fern died in my care before I could identify it

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Hello. I sometimes grow fern from spores as a hobby. A friend once sent me spores from the US East Coast, out of which grew Christmas Fern, but in one of those pots also grew another fern I couldn’t identify. When a friend tried to separate them, the unidentified fern died, so I only have a couple photos. I’d really like to know what fern that was, so if, despite the lacking source material, somebody could give me any hints here, I’d be very glad. I got more photos of the likes as those that I uploaded but also in higher resolution. I assume that this fern either came with the Christmas Fern spores, or it’s here locally from central Europe and found its way into the pot by chance.
Thank you for your time.

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3 thoughts on “fern died in my care before I could identify it”

  1. It looks a lot like Lastreopteris microsora
    Have a look at this image (and the next one) from my allotment
    To be more certain, we need to see the spores but I guess you cannot do this now
    I grow this outside in a shade tunnel on my allotment in Portsmouth, we get minimum winter temperatures of -3C

    1. Thank you for the quick reply. Yes, that looks a lot like it. I guess it found its way into my pot by coincidence. I’ll have a look at the local botanical garden. Maybe they have that species there as well and would be willing to share some spores or a frond.
      Great photos on your website, I’ll surely spend some more time having a look at those.
      Best regards

  2. I think that, of the submitted images, only photo 3 looks like Lastreopsis microsora. The other three show pinnules that are not as serrated as they are in L microsora and I cannot see any expanded basiscopic pinnules, as L microsora has. However, the other photos show a wide groove, which is right for Lastreopsis. It may be that it is L accuminata, which is less feathery than L microsora and has less prominent basiscopic pinnules. That plant is supposed to be shiny, and photo 3 appears to be so.

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