Fern ID Please

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Can you please help me identify this fern.
I have “Britain’s Ferns” as a Christmas present but am very new to all this !
This fern is still green in January in our Hampshire garden (very chalky soil)
It is about 30cm tall.
thanks- Philip

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4 thoughts on “Fern ID Please”

  1. This is Dryopteris cycadina (syn. D. atrata) Not a British native but very commonly sold in the trade
    I live in Waterlooville in Hampshire – you can come and visit me if you want to see some ferns

  2. Hmmm. Andrew may well be right but the stipe isn’t as hairy as D cycadina usually is. Having said that, hairs can be rubbed off, and hairs are more abundant in mature plants than juniors, which yours appears to be. I think that D cycadina covers a spectrum of plants that differ in minor ways. Some are bigger, some more hairy and some more upright than others. It may all come down to maturity and growing conditions.

  3. I agree with Peter – it looks not quite right for Dryopteris cycadina, but very difficult to tell from photos, and there are several closely related Asian Dryopteris species in cultivation. Some can be ruled out because of the strongly downward-pointing lowest pinnae, but that still leaves several possibilities. I would very tentatively suggest D. hirtipes.

  4. Thankyou all for your quick replies, I’m very grateful.
    I believe that these were a couple of plants that I bought in a garden centre a couple of years ago when I started populating my fern garden.
    I’m keen to develop it with mostly British plants from now and keen to start understanding what I’m planting !
    So – thanks again.
    And Andrew – I may take you up on a viewing sometime when the weather picks up

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