4 thoughts on “Fern Identification”

    1. Thank you.

      From looking at other photos online of Pteris tremula, the fern I have seems very similar or the even the same.

      I potted the fern up in November last year and have since been growing it at home indoors where it is growing very well.

      As soon as I see a frond with identifiable sori on, I will take more photos.

  1. I think it’s a Pteris but I wonder if it’s Pteris macilenta? The small Pteris tremula that spore around my greenhouse are rather less foliose than this. I’ve attached a picture of a self-sown Pteris tremula in Southport Fernery – do you think it’s the same as the one you have in Birmingham?

    1. Thank you.

      It looks similar to the ones which have self-sown around the Subtropical glasshouse. It was growing as a weed amongst the carnivorous display so I took it out and have been growing it at home indoors for the last few months. Hopefully it will produce fronds with sori on so I can have a better go at identifying it.

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