Ferns in Members Gardens update 2017

I have updated my list of ferns growing in my garden. This year I have decided to follow the nomenclature published by the Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group (PPG1) in 2016. A few examples include Blechnum split into multiple genera,  Osmunda further split and  Cornopteris and Anisocampium are placed in Athyrium. 

Even after only a few months several papers have been published that update PPG1. These include several new genera, loss of genera and generic placements. One change affects the name of a couple of ferns in my garden. In PPG1 Drynaria is lumped into Aglaomorpha, the latter being the older name. However, earlier this year Drynaria was proposed for conservation over Aglaomorpha and agreed by the nomenclatural committee. Therefore unless some unprecedented revolt takes place Drynaria should be conserved at the latest Botanical congress. I have therefore used Drynaria in my list.

Regarding losses, this last winter proved rather challenging and I lost several small plants in containers – mainly Cheilanthes and Asplenium.  I believe that the very dry conditions led to under-watering of the containers, not something I would have thought possible outside during the winter months. The plants appeared to be alive until spring when the failed to revive. It seems there are always new experiences that challenge your knowledge and I realise that I am still learning how to grow ferns!!

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