Ferns of Singapore

Singapore is a small island (280 square miles)
For the British, it is about half as big again as the Isle of Wight

It is a popular holiday and stop-over destination
Here is a map showing the fern locations of Singapore taken from the data published in The urban pteridophyte flora of Singapore by Benito C. Tan, Angie Ng, Angie Ng-Chua L.S., Anne Chong, Cheryl Lao, Cheryl Lao,Machida Tan-Takako, Ngiam Shih-Tung, Aries Tay & Yap Von Bing

The locations are shown (by default) grouped by the numbers of ferns in each location
The highest number of ferns is in the Central Catchment with 16
You can also see the ferns in each of the locations described in the paper by chosing “Fern locations” in the legend
Clicking on any location will bring up the list of ferns in that location

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