Clarissima Jones

Cultivar nameCultivar groupSpeciesSynonymsDescriptionCultivation notesSource
Clarissima JonesPlumoseAthyrium filix-feminaFound in 1868 by R. Moule who was a nurseryman in Ilfracome. Mr. Moule appears not to have been impressed by his find as he left it to wilt on a bench in the sun. The plant was rescued and revived by Colonel A. M. Jones who named it after his wife Clara Belinda. Clara was to sadly die aged 29 of a throat tumour after 12 years of marriage and just 8 years after the plant had been discovered. It was with this cultivar that Charles Druery was to discover the phenomenon of Apospory.Generally as for species. Will grow in most soils but prefers acid conditions; as someone says in good 'woodland duff'. Also best in light shade but will tolerate some sun in the morning and evening, or more if in damp conditions. Protect from strong winds which would damage the fronds.Ian Unsworth
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