Cultivar nameCultivar groupSpeciesSynonymsDescriptionCultivation notesSource
MultifidumCristateAthyrium filix-feminaOriginally found near Seven Churches, Dublin, County Wicklow, Ireland, by Mr. D. Moore, of Glasnevin gardens, Dublin. Lowe in his book ‘Our Native Ferns’ tells us that several plants with very similar characteristics were subsequently found in County Clare, Killarny, Westmorland and in Perth & Kinross. The name ‘multifidum’ means split into many parts, or very much split.Generally as for species. Will grow in most soils but prefers acid conditions; as someone says in good 'woodland duff'. Also best in light shade but will tolerate some sun in the morning and evening, or more if in damp conditions. Protect from strong winds which would damage the fronds.Ian Unsworth
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